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                                    Self Defence Program for Girls Students:

Empowering students has been the call of the day. In this modern era, violence against students especially girl students is becoming very common in every street of both rural and urban setting. It is very important for everyone to be prepared mentally and physically and be well equipped with required skills and techniques to defend oneself from any kind of anti-social elements prevailing in the society today. The purpose of self-defense is that the more prepared you are the less likely you will become a victim.

The main objectives of the programme are:-

  1. To equip the students to defend themselves against any type of physical assault.
  2.  To build self-confidence so that they can contribute meaningfully to their own development by shaping their own destiny.
  3.  Capacity enhancement through self-defense training.
  4. To empower the students in all aspects.

Behala College took the initiative to equip the girl students to defend themselves against any type of physical assault and accordingly collaborated with Kolkata Police to start the "Sukanya",A Community Policing Initiative programme which is a Self - Defense Programme for Girls'  Students. Basic objective of this project is to build confidence amongst students of the college by means of imparting them self defense training so that they can confidently defend any sort of ordeal, and learn the tactics through professional martial art. This initiative will also give a message to go ahead in positive direction. This self-defense programme has started since 2016 and continued till 2019 and offered certificates by Kolkata Police to the students who successfully completed the course. During the pandemic the said course ceased to continue.After the pandemic situation the college has resumed the programme by its own initiative from 4th March, 2022.The classes are organized  on the third floor covered terrace of the college building on  regular basis. Classes are held for two hours.Twenty-five girls are alloted per batch.Duration for training for each group is 16 days.The  trainees will be offered certificates from the college. The instructor is a 1st DAN Black Belt.The instructor receives the remuneration of Rupees 700/- per class.Karate and Kick Boxing training are provided to the students.More than 300 trainees have been given training till now.

Girls are very much enthusiastic to attend the classes.They are able to achieve fearlessness and mental strength in themseves. They are now enough confident to take up any sort of challange.

To ensure the participation of maximum students irrespective of their economic backgrounds, the college has chosen to make this course available to them free of charge.


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