Affiliated to University of Calcutta

NAAC accredited with "A++" grade

Our Future Plan

A Commitment to becoming the Healthiest Campus in India:

Behala College plans to be the healthiest campus in the country with the plan to become the first college in India to adopt a Charter. By signing the Charter, Behala College will incorporate health into everyday operations, business practices and academic mandates to support students, staff and faculty. We believe that 

"When We Work For Better, Our Students Can Achieve Best!"

Our Commitment:

Adopting a Charter will be the beginning of many efforts Behala College will make to fulfil the college’s commitments. There will be significant engagement over the next five years of the strategic plan, to actualize this goal.

The Charter:

As part of adopting the charter, Behala College is in the making the following commitments:

  • We will infuse sustainability into the decisions we make, expanding our focus on the well-being of our students, employees, community and environment.
  • We will cultivate a rich and diverse learning and work environment under the portfolio of earn while you learn as we recognize that diversity is our strength.
  • We will continue to strengthen the primary importance of Indigenous cultural foundations and the principles of mutual respect, inclusion and community engagement.


  • The IQAC has planned to organize Prospectus Day every year so as to make the students identified with the vision and mission of the college.
  • The college plans to introduce a course in Multimedia and Animation.
  • The IQAC of the college is planning to open two new departments in Women's Studies and Environment Studies.
  • The IQAC plans to establish linkages with the industry and arrange for internships.
  • The college plans to set up a Women's Study Centre.
  • The college plans to maintain a database on students' progression.
  • The college proposes to enter into more collaborative activities with other colleges, universities, research institutes and industry.
  • The college proposes to undertake the following extension activities:
    • Adult literacy programme
    • Adoption of old age home
    • Road safety awareness drive
    • The IQAC has recommended for a special rest room for differently abled teachers.
    • The Governing Body has resolved to open an Accident Benefit Insurance Policy for students with National Insurance.